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Sole Agencies

Medisure Group of Companies is committed to the marketing of innovative products of  the highest quality that are of great benefit to the suffering patients, especially in the  sensitive fields of Cardiology, Neurology and Gastroenterology.

At Present Medisure is sole agent of following companies:

1. Shin Poong Pharm Co. Ltd.,  Korea
2. Dong  Kook Pharm Co. Ltd.,  Korea
3. Tai Guk Pharm. Ind. Co. Ltd.,  Korea

Medisure Group of Companies has imported as well as locally manufactured products for human consumption belonging to different therapeutic groups.

1. Antibiotics
2. Cerebrovasculars
3. Cardiovasculars
4. Anti Rheumatics
5. Antiinfectives
6. Multi-vitamins With Ginseng
7. Antiemetics


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